In these years, in addition to a lot of interest from all the residents of the area who have discovered that they have a cellar in the city centre a few metres from home, LA VINERIA has had an explosion of interest and appreciation from the most prestigious press specialized in the wine sector.
The articles below make me proud and happy and encourage me to carry on improving the LA VINERIA project from day to day.

Aaron Brussolo

01_vini_copertina Vini Nov-Dec 2005
02_oggi_japan_copertina Oggi-Japan April 2006
03_horeca_copertina Horeca May 2006
04_civilta_copertina Civiltà del bere June 2006
05_qui_citta_copertina Qui città July 2006
06_vivi_milano_copertina Vivimilano November 2006
07_mio_vino_copertina Il mio vino November 2006
08_flair_copertina Flair December 2006
09_millionaire_copertina Millionaire December 2006
10_leggo_copertina Leggo March 2007
11_urban_copertina Urban April 2007
12_repubblica_copertina La Repubblica July 2007
14_millionaire_feb_2008_copertina Millionaire Febrary 2008
15_Corriere_Vinicolo_Aprile_2008_copertina Corriere Vinicolo April 2008
16_Corriere_della_Sera_Sett_2008_copertina Corriere della Sera September 2008
17_Il_Giornale_copertina Il Giornale January 2008
la vineria su il giornale[1] Il Giornale July 2009
blog Cheap&Cheap October 2010