La Vineria di Aaron

What is La Vineria?

It is a genuine wine cellar, where wine and oil are kept in large tanks.

What can i find at La Vineria?

Loose wine and oil, from the most important agricultural regions of Italy

How do i buy loose wine?

You just need to come with any empty container, and we will fill it for you! And if you don’t have a container at home, you will find them here.


Wine and oil are indispensable elements on every good table. Being able to buy them in a pleasant hospitable environment, like that offered by La Vineria in Via Casale, makes buying them an enjoyable moment when you can immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere.

I wanted to undertake this activity because of my passion for the land and its marvelous products. And I like to think that this area of Milan can share with La Vineria those healthy old customs, which it is my intention not to abandon.

In this cellar you will find – quite simply – wine and oil at farmhouse prices… and a welcome which will repay our guest with a free wine-tasting of all our products.

Aaron Brussolo

Ulteriori Servizi

  • Wine by the glass
  • A wide selection of bottled wines
  • Packaging of loose wine in Bag in Box – the vacuum packed solution to keep your wine at its best

The commitment of the Vineria is to be able to offer different types of wines that are able to fully satisfy your taste for daily drinking … drink well for us, does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

We invite all lovers of good wine and genuine to visit the winery to taste our wines.

from 2,50 € to liter

Thanks to the workshop bottling, the winery is able to offer various types of olive oils category.

Delicate fruity
Medium fruit
Intensely fruity

from 12,00 € to liter